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My Favorite Shakespeare Infographs

You know what an infograph (or infographic) is, right? It’s a chart or other visual depiction of information that is intended to be consumed and understood quickly. There are all kinds, from maps to timelines and more. Some of my favorites, … Continue reading

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My (and My Friends’) Favorite Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Joseph Bentz I have divided my favorite Shakespeare quotes into two categories. The first includes the quotes suggested by friends, whom I asked for feedback. The second category includes four Shakespeare quotes that frequently go through … Continue reading

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My 12 Favorite Shakespeare Lines

A friend recently commented on my list of favorite Shakespeare plays by asking what my favorite lines from Shakespeare might be. Wow, is that an impossible task? It is even more like choosing a favorite child or grandchild than that … Continue reading

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My Favorite Shakespeare Books

I read a hundred or more books every year (give or take; see this post), and in addition to a few Shakespeare plays every year, I also love to read books about Shakespeare and related subjects. So what are my … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Here is your Happy Fourth of July greeting from Shakespeare, Hamilton, and The Bard and the Bible: Freedom, hey-day! hey-day, freedom! freedom, hey-day, freedom! (The Tempest II.2.184-185).

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A Shakespeare Swag Wish List

I am a Shakespeare nut but I’m also cheap. So I don’t own a lot of Shakespeare swag. I’ve owned exactly one Shakespeare t-shirt (bought in Stratford-Upon-Avon, thank you very much), one Shakespeare mug (bought at the Belasco Theater in NYC), … Continue reading

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Ten Plays I Wish Shakespeare Had Written

As everyone knows, William Shakespeare wrote a plethora of plays and poems, featuring a variety of characters, settings, and themes, from Titus Andronicus to The Tempest. He is even known to have produced more plays that are so far lost to modern scholars, such … Continue reading

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