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My Top Five Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Elisabeth Bridges When I received the invitation to participate in this series, I got a bit excited. And by “a bit excited,” I mean shaking-and-letting-out-muffled-shrieks-while-spinning-around-in-my-desk-chair excited. Bard quotes flooded my brain, and I began to wonder … Continue reading

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My Top 25 Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Sue Schlesman Let me clarify. Narrowing down my favorite Shakespearean quotes is a nearly impossible task. For one, I haven’t yet read everything he wrote, so there’s no telling what I’m still missing. Two, he was … Continue reading

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7 More Favorite Parallels in The Bard and the Bible

I posted last week (here) a few of my favorite parallels between the works of Shakespeare and the Bible (in particular, the King James Version). Those correspondences (and contrasts) form the backbone of my book, The Bard and the Bible: A Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Podcast: Through the Ages

A new episode of The Bard and the Bible Podcast is now live (it is also easy to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode).

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My Advice to a Shakespeare Newbie

I made a mistake last summer. I took a good friend to his first Shakespearience ever. That wasn’t the mistake part. The mistake was taking him to Hamlet–which may be the Bard’s greatest play, but is probably not the best … Continue reading

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Comic Relief: My Top 16 Casting Choices

Nathan Fillion and Jennifer Lawrence as Benedick and Beatrice? Nick Frost & Simon Pegg as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Be still my heart! Casting directors have a big job, especially when it comes to casting Shakespeare. Their casts are chosen, based not … Continue reading

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Better Strangers

I have long considered adding a weekly “Shakespearean insult” to this blog’s posts. So, last week, when several friends sent me one of the many Shakespeare insult memes that proliferate on the internet, I decided to heed the reminder and kick off … Continue reading

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