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My Favorite Shakespeare Villains

Last week, this blog featured an infograph of literary villains in which Shakespeare’s characters figured prominently. So that started me thinking about my favorite (i.e., most deliciously villainous) of the Bard’s bad guys. So here’s the list (and the plays … Continue reading

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My (and My Friends’) Favorite Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Joseph Bentz I have divided my favorite Shakespeare quotes into two categories. The first includes the quotes suggested by friends, whom I asked for feedback. The second category includes four Shakespeare quotes that frequently go through … Continue reading

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Podcast: Kings and Towers

Today’s episode on The Bard and the Bible Podcast is now live (it is also easy to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes).

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A Lady’s Unladylike Words

Every Monday here at The Bard and the Bible, we feature one of Shakespeare’s many richly-worded insults. This week we turn again to Lady Anne’s exchange with Richard of Gloucester in Shakespeare’s great history play, Richard III: Thou unfit for any place but … Continue reading

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Out of Sight

Another Monday, another Shakespearean insult on The Bard and the Bible blog. This week’s insult is from Lady Anne’s dialogue (rich in insults) with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, in Act One of Richard III: Out of my sight! thou dost infect my … Continue reading

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Foul Deformity

It is Monday, so it is time for another insult from William Shakespeare. This week’s insult is from Shakespeare’s greatest history play, Richard III: Thou lump of foul deformity! (Richard III, I.2.58). It may not win you many friends or make … Continue reading

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Reviewsday: The Daughter of Time

I first read Josephine Tey’s mystery, The Daughter of Time, in 1991–soon after I first read and saw Shakespeare’s Richard III. Tey’s novel is a perfect companion–or counterpoint–to the play.

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