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The Bard, the Bible, and Baseball, Part 2

Bet you didn’t know that both the King James Version of the Bible and the Bard’s works mentioned baseball repeatedly, did you? It’s true. Last week, in honor of the start of Spring Training, this blog featured a listing of … Continue reading

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Between a What and a What?

Feel like a little insult? Not for you, but for someone else, of course. And today’s offering, from a master of the art, William Shakespeare, is from Coriolanus, Act 2, Scene 1, It’s another gem from Menenius Agrippa (that’s him … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

A few weeks ago, Shakespeare was in the news. Well, not Shakespeare. Shakespear.

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In Your Face

There’s an art to the insult. And William Shakespeare was a master of the art. That is why, every Monday, we here at The Bard and the Bible Blog present a Shakespearean insult for your information, enjoyment, and even–if you’re … Continue reading

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My Top Five Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Elisabeth Bridges When I received the invitation to participate in this series, I got a bit excited. And by “a bit excited,” I mean shaking-and-letting-out-muffled-shrieks-while-spinning-around-in-my-desk-chair excited. Bard quotes flooded my brain, and I began to wonder … Continue reading

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It’s another Monday–time for another Monday insult from Shakespeare. This week’s insult is spoken by the loquacious Menenius Agrippa (that’s him facing the women, above) to the Roman tribunes Junius Brutus and Sicinius Velutus (that’s them in the background, above) … Continue reading

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