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The Bard, the Bible, and Baseball, Part 1

Baseball starts this week! Well, Spring Training, anyway. So what could be more appropriate here on The Bard and the Bible blog than a post about “The Bard, the Bible, and Baseball?” Maybe you didn’t know that both the King … Continue reading

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A PG-13 Insult

When in the course of human events, you need a handy all-purpose insult to throw around, we here at The Bard and the Bible blog are happy to help. This time around we offer a line spoken by Antipholus of … Continue reading

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My Advice to a Shakespeare Newbie

I made a mistake last summer. I took a good friend to his first Shakespearience ever. That wasn’t the mistake part. The mistake was taking him to Hamlet–which may be the Bard’s greatest play, but is probably not the best … Continue reading

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Ill-Faced, Worse-Bodied

Today is Monday, which here at The Bard and the Bible means another Shakespeare insult for your enjoyment and use. If thou art thus inclined. Today’s insults come from The Comedy of Errors. They are words Adriana speaks to Luciana about Antipholus … Continue reading

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Comic Relief: My Top 16 Casting Choices

Nathan Fillion and Jennifer Lawrence as Benedick and Beatrice? Nick Frost & Simon Pegg as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Be still my heart! Casting directors have a big job, especially when it comes to casting Shakespeare. Their casts are chosen, based not … Continue reading

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Reviewsday: The Globe’s The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors can be a challenging play to stage for several reasons. Shakespeare’s play revolves around two pairs of twin brothers (two named Antipholus, each of whom has a servant, Dromio, and neither Antipholus/Dromio pair knows that the other exists). The device leads … Continue reading

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