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Foolishness and Vanity

This week’s episode (listen here) of The Bard and the Bible Podcast pairs Gratiano’s words from Act 1 Scene 1 of The Merchant of Venice with Psalm 94:8-12 from the King James Version of the Bible. Ratings and reviews on iTunes are much appreciated. You can also easily subscribe to the … Continue reading

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Reviewsday: A Novel Journal, Shakespeare Edition

While in Louisville, Kentucky, recently, I visited a bookstore with a few friends, and there discovered a delightful and different journal: “a novel journal,” it’s called. It is one of several volumes published by Thunder Bay Press. Of course, the … Continue reading

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Can Shakespeare Make You a Better Person?

With all due respect to Hamlet, there are more questions than “To be or not to be.” That’s a good one, for sure, but another is this: Can Shakespeare make you a better person? That is, can watching, listening, reading, … Continue reading

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How NOT to Hate Shakespeare

Last week, I posted on why people hate Shakespeare. At least my best guesses. So I thought the following TEDx talk would be an excellent follow-up: To this I say, with Charmian, “Amen.” And with Touchstone, “Amen.” And with Imogen, … Continue reading

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My (and My Friends’) Favorite Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Joseph Bentz I have divided my favorite Shakespeare quotes into two categories. The first includes the quotes suggested by friends, whom I asked for feedback. The second category includes four Shakespeare quotes that frequently go through … Continue reading

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My Top 25 Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Sue Schlesman Let me clarify. Narrowing down my favorite Shakespearean quotes is a nearly impossible task. For one, I haven’t yet read everything he wrote, so there’s no telling what I’m still missing. Two, he was … Continue reading

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My 5 Favorite Parallels in The Bard and the Bible

My book, The Bard and the Bible: A Shakespeare Devotional, draws 365 daily reflections from a Shakespeare quote and a Bible verse from the King James Version (these two towering works of English literature were created in the same period and the … Continue reading

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