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Why I Read @HarperCollins #hc200 #WhyIRead

To know what otherwise I would not know,* To go where otherwise I may not go; To feel, to learn, to grow, to see, Become what otherwise I could not be; Remember, reminisce, repent, Restore a bit of what I’ve … Continue reading

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How I Read So Much

I am asked often, “How do you read so much?” These days, I read more than 100 books a year (including at least a half-dozen or so of Shakespeare’s plays). And I don’t read nearly as much as I want to. I’m … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Favorite Writers

Every writer has favorite authors he or she likes to read, which often show up in the writer’s own works, in one way or another (my favorites include Annie Dillard, Louis L’Amour, Wendell Berry, and, well, William Shakespeare). So who were … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Kids Should Read Shakespeare

(a guest post by Sue Schlesman) I remember reading Shakespeare for the first time in seventh grade.

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Why I Love Shakespeare

People ask me often, “Why do you love Shakespeare so much?” Let me count the ways (see what I did there?).

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Reviewsday: The Daughter of Time

I first read Josephine Tey’s mystery, The Daughter of Time, in 1991–soon after I first read and saw Shakespeare’s Richard III. Tey’s novel is a perfect companion–or counterpoint–to the play.

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A Writer’s Annual Reading Plan

For many years now, I have seldom lacked an answer to Polonius’s famous question of Hamlet, “What do you read, my lord?” (Hamlet, II, 2, 191). Not just because I maintain a library of a few thousand volumes, but also … Continue reading

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