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Reviewsday: The Empire Striketh Back

A guest post by writer, teacher, and speakerSue Schlesman. She blogs at http://www.susanwalleyschlesman.com and http://www.7prayersthatwork.com. I just read The Empire Striketh Back, Star Wars Part the Fifth, and I loved it! Star Wars readeth well, my Padouin learners.

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Reviewsday: Shakespeare Behind Bars

Why they didn’t call it “The Bard Behind Bars” I’ll never know.

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Reviewsday: Hollow Crown’s Henry VI Part 1

“Wow! What an ending!” Those were my words at the conclusion of Hollow Crown: Henry VI Part 1, the first episode in the second season of the outstanding Hollow Crown series.  But more on that anon.

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12 Movie Plots Swiped from Shakespeare

In a previous post (here), I mentioned eleven movies that borrowed from or based their plots on Shakespeare’s plays. Here are twelve more. The list, of course, is far from complete (and may never be):

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11 Movie Plots Hollywood Swiped from Shakespeare

Hollywood has long loved Shakespeare (though the Bard’s only “Best Picture” Oscar was for Sir Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet in 1958). But did you know that the plots of the following movies were swiped from Shakespeare? 

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