A PG-13 Insult

When in the course of human events, you need a handy all-purpose insult to throw around, we here at The Bard and the Bible blog are happy to help.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 5.09.08 PM

This time around we offer a line spoken by Antipholus of Ephesus to his servant, Dromio, in The Comedy of Errors:

Thou whoresonsenseless villain! (The Comedy of Errors 4.4.24).

Judging from the frequency of use in Shakespeare’s plays, the words “whoreson” and “villain” were among the most common and reliable insults of the day. Use them responsibly.

About writerhoss

I am a writer from southwestern Ohio, and a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and retreats. My books include The Bard and the Bible (A Shakespeare Devotional).
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