My Favorite Shakespeare Plays

When people learn that I am a Shakespeare nut, I am often asked, “What’s your favorite play?” It’s not quite like choosing a favorite child, grandchild, or book. But it’s close.


I have read every Shakespeare play (most of them many times) and seen each performed at least once (on stage, television, or as a movie), and there are only a handful I’m not anxious to see again–unless it’s live, and then I’m game for “all of the above.” But since I’m asked–and with the understanding that the order may change with the day of the week or month of the year–here are my seven favorite Shakespeare plays:

  1. Hamlet
  2. The Tempest 
  3. Twelfth Night 
  4. The Merchant of Venice 
  5. Much Ado about Nothing 
  6. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (pictured; by the way, that’s James Cagney and Anita Louise in the photo)
  7. The Taming of the Shrew

Wow. That leaves off many, such as The Comedy of Errors and Romeo and Juliet, both of which I love. Obviously, I like the comedies. And apparently don’t mind the “problem plays” (sometimes it’s fun to see how a director or company deals with the problematic stuff).

But I’m allowed to have my favorites, just as you’re allowed to have yours. So what are yours?


About writerhoss

I am a writer from southwestern Ohio, and a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and retreats. My books include The Bard and the Bible (A Shakespeare Devotional).
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One Response to My Favorite Shakespeare Plays

  1. jenlevellie says:

    I did like Hamlet and Much Ado about Nothing, but found Comedy of Errors too much like real life. Accck! We saw King Lear at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival many years ago, and it was awesome.


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