Reviewsday: The Bible-Shakespeare Calendar (1916)


At the recent (and excellent) Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in scenic Asheville, North Carolina, I made a new friend. Yes, I can make friends. When I want to. When author, pastor, and speaker Joshua J. Masters discovered The Bard and the Bible, he told me that he owns a “Bible-and-Shakespeare calendar” dated 1916. “No way,” I said. “Way,” he said, and promised to send me photos. 


I am so covetous I can hardly stand it. Also a little peeved, because the pairing of Shakespeare and the Bible was a “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before The Bard and the Bible” sorta thing. And now Josh has proven that someone did, way back in 1916. And also because, long before I pitched The Bard and the Bible as a one-year devotional book, I tried (and failed) to interest publishers in the concept as a flip calendar or similar gift product. And here, ol’ Ed Abbott had already done it 101 years ago!


As it turns out, the above calendar is also in the Folger Library’s collection (see here). So cool. And so glad my friend Josh was willing to share it with me. I just hope he doesn’t suspect me of stealing it after someone breaks into his home and steals it.


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I am a writer from southwestern Ohio, and a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and retreats. My books include The Bard and the Bible (A Shakespeare Devotional).
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One Response to Reviewsday: The Bible-Shakespeare Calendar (1916)

  1. misskathypwp says:

    Makes sense. Still a classical education in schools in 1919, and still a society built on a biblical worldview. A delightful treasure.


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